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Christmas Parade Dancers

Christmas Talent Show


Our Christmas Talent Show is on December 16 at 6:30 PM and open to the whole community! 

Show your stuff! Each entry is only $20 regardless of ensemble size. You may participate in up to four entries, but are limited to one solo per person. Please list the tittle of your music, if applicable and give us a brief description of your act. All music and acts must be pre-approved. Songs are first come, first served, we will not present duplicates. Sign ups will run through Thanksgiving week. Participants should submit all music/audio files by December 1 and be available for rehearsal December 15 at 6:00. Please make sure your act adheres to the time limit guidelines: Solo acts must be two minutes or less and group acts can be up to three minutes and 15 seconds. 

Ticket sales are live!

During our Talent Show we will also host a silent auction to fundraise for our new studio space.

We hope you participate and invite your friends.  This is going to be a night of fun and fellowship! 


Participants who are submitting an act do not need to pay to be in the audience, they will get to watch the show from their own section of chairs. 


The entry fee is $20 per act not $20 per person. For example, if four friends are submitting an act would be five dollars per person, but someone would need to be the point person to meet to pay and submit the act through our website.

Talent Show Entry:

Thank you for submitting your act!


Get a sneak peak of our silent auction items here: Coming soon...

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